Monday, October 7, 2013

Dharti Spa & Beauty Parlour : Festival Deal

My FB and blogfriend Bhavesh Chhatbar  comes across amazing tableaux of nature on his treks through  mountains and valleys. 

One such early morning scene, at the top of a mountain, a valley spread verdantly below, and a mountain beyond  it, kind of holding up the Sun, as it slowly rises, with a preceding glow, before being the Show Stopper of the Day, finally pouring its warmth, on a somnolent, about-to-wake-up  Earth...... 

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Notice how significant it is, that beauty doesn't have to be in color.  Both Dark and Fair adorn each other, and one is incomplete without the other.

Maybe our beauty parlours need to learn a lesson or two  from Mother Nature ?

Dharti Spa and Beauty Parlour

Whether it is
trying to counter

layers of petrol exhaust
and allergic dust;
or a withering of skin
thanks to a
busy bringing up of young fruits;
sometimes marauding
by engineering types building dangerous towers;
and even
some bossing
by those being pushy
and trying to reach high up,
we offer
some specials.

A windy blowing,
a slow night moisturizing
with delicate dew
and a few gentle rains;
early morning
wipes with cold moist clouds;
and then our special treatment.

A gradual golden facial,
as you lie back,
eyes closed,
massaged by the rays
of a special Sun.

A first light touch,
a tentative advance,
and then almost
a rain of rays,
gently drizzling on
a cleansed green face.

Aiyyo !  Buy one facial, get 364 free .