Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tearful Designer Jewellery

Onions today , in India, are more expensive than the rupee, and petrol.  They have now hit a century in the capital and are now selling there at Rs 100 a kilogram.

My FB friend, Pandit Gourang Kodical of Bangalore , a percussionist by talent, and  a banker by training, can clearly recognize an asset when he sees one.  Like the onions, now masquerading as jewellery.   Which he just posted on FB.

It just occurred to me that this is ideal fodder for all those designer folks who keep creating and marketing designer clothes and jewellery at outrageous prices.  They ought to be thrilled.

Stay tuned for news about weddings being cancelled for non payment of Onion dowry....

आज कल के गेहेने
एकदम डिजायनर वाले है.…
मन का बोजा

गलेपर उतारकर,
एक एक प्याज को प्यार से चुनकर
बनाया गया अश्रुहार ,
सर पर निषेध के मांग टिक्के ,
कोई कह रहा था
की अभी आलू-कुंदन कर्णफूल की
फेशन आने वाली है ,
और फिर पापड़ी का चोकर
और चेन में गाजर का पेण्ड्ण्ट।

कभी कभी लगता है,
की ऐसे सब्जीयोंको गेहेने बनाने वालोंको
एक बड़ा दूधि लेके पूरा पीटना चाहिये…

to the era
of new designer jewellery

Its all about
hanging around your neck
the loads off your mind,
creating chunky
large-tear necklaces
with specially selected
no-cut onions,
with a maangtikka(hair ornament)
of protest.

Rumor has it
Potato Kundan Earrings
will be the latest craze.
as the Paapdis
decide to curl around your neck
as an expensive choker,
all the while
looking down
on carrot pendants
on chains.

it looks
like these designers
need to
simply be beaten up
and chased with a hefty doodhi..

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