Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Epitaph for a Bus

My FB friend  Amrita Thavrani  , a young mother,  an IT professional, and someone who blogs on a variety of topics like book reviews, poetry, parenting, nostalgia, women's  lives  and anything that moves her , posted this photo of the ravaged body of a bus, clicked possibly somewhere in the countryside  while travelling.

Have a look at her blog here .

This looks like a typical bus that serves mofussil areas , almost like a lifeline, that has now fallen on bad times. Probably thanks to some horrifying accident that happened head-on.  Stark holes in place of eyes, a mouth agape, with stuff dangling from nostrils, and one cant help think of better times, when the red bus would come around a corner in a monsoon green hilly ghat region, proudly showing its destination in front, and assorted messages at the back, , the main one being HORN OK, PLEASE . 

In a country where honkng the horn in traffic, is a language all by itself, and almost a fundamental right,  it is almost like an epitaph for this bus.

As Amrita says  " Every face tells a story. Of a journey it lived, conversations it shared and accidents it survived."........

(photo : Amrita Thavrani)

All the Cilia
in the nostrils
now in shreds,

were not enough
to sense
and smell the danger.

With a fractured chin
and broken jaw,
I cant even say
"Horn OK Please !"



  1. This is sad, but true and so are your words -- as always. Hope your week is going well. Enjoy!

  2. A beautiful and painful thought at the same time .... That it can not say Horn Ok Please any more.

    1. BirdsEyeView, exactly my thoughts too ! Thnak you !

  3. My photo is looking better at your blog. Your blog is creative powerhouse. Will take a stroll at leisure.

    1. Amrita, your photo speaks a thousand words. I just wrote a few of them . Thank you for the kind words !