Friday, October 4, 2013

Stitches of warmth

The simplest things enrapture the most talented photographers. Like my FB and blogfriend Nandan Tavanandi, who must have seen a pattern of immense warmth  in this visual of golden grasses that he captured.

He titled it "Golden Revolution in Incredible India"

Blades of grass interweaving in a relaxed way to form a lovely warm cover for the Earth. Reminded me of handknitted sweaters . And how early mornings are sometimes a bit cool for older people. Like Ma Earth.
Knit 1, Purl 1,
a breeze around the next,
knit 2, purl 2,
a bit of bending in,
and it continues,

day after day,
an effort by the Seasons,
the creation
of a warm golden cardigan
for Ma Earth.

Early mornings
feel a bit colder in old age, na ?


  1. Warmth is the word that I felt when I sapw this field. And to see a knitting pattern in it .... I remembered my mother.

  2. Such a beautiful comparison! Feel a bit cold in old age na? Nice lines...