Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bozoical special heart

For Bozo, Mumbai's blogging dog, this is like all the festivals rolled into one. He has waited for this day with baited breath. His best friend from his childhood, who brought him home, is visiting her parental home and he is ecstatic.

He has learned by observation , that amongst bipeds, girls get married, and go live elsewhere. He has also found out that this particular "elsewhere" is so far away, that you must fly there and not drive. He is also particularly cheesed off with airlines that dont allow him to fly (to visit her) , sitting next to Deepak.

So he is making the most of her visit. His own celebration of Navratri, as she comes home to visit her folks .

A brilliant photograph, clicked by Deepak.

They say
the heart has four compartments.

Mine has one more.

Occupied by
a little girl,
who took me home,
and made me Bozo Amembal.

She isnt little anymore,
and she lives
far away now,
but for me,
she is always there.

And while
Mumbai resounds
with the sounds of
nine day festival
in honor of the Goddess,
i just want to know,
how many of you
can lay claim
to your own special Goddess
like this,
who visits you,
plays with you,
comforts you,
then poses for a special photo,
before sitting
in that special
5th compartment of the heart ?


  1. Wow!! Absolutely brilliant Suranga!!

    1. Thank you and hope you all are having a wonderful time.