Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bozo's early Divali

This is really festival time for Bozo, Mumbai's blogging dog.   The rains are almost over,  and he is actually getting to meet folks who live with some of his overseas friends, like YamAunty , who came by  to say goodbye, before leaving India.

That's not all.  One of Bozo's oldest  friends , and actually his best friend is visiting from the UK, and he is greatly excited. He understands why she has to stay so far away,  is very happy for her , but , clearly, he has been avidly waiting for her visit. ...

After all the delighted jumps, leaps, woofs and cooing, here he is, settling down a bit.....

I wish some
presumed-Royal folks
who sit
in the garage
to be tough and hi-fi
would learn.

Life isn't
all about
showing your might
and living at high speeds.

There is something
about sitting with Deepak
as he surfs the Net,
watches current events,
chats with folks.

I join in
and have made
so many new friends
across the world,
and across India,
who give me news
of folks like
Mojo, LindyKrishna and Luci.

Sometimes Deepak's friends visit us
for tea,
and although
I dont actually drink it,
it is all about
quietly listening,
being tickled,
learning about my friends,
and sending them my good wishes
as I drink it all in
with my eyes.

Life is good.
Rains have stopped,
it is the start of our festival season,
and my bestest  friend
is here
from the Queen's country,
to see me.

I know Divali
is still some time away ...

this is really a Doggy Divali for me .

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