Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Case of the Missing Darwinian Ordinance

My FB and blogfriend Usha Vaidyanathan posted this very evocative visual of what I think is a gorilla , (please to correct if it is not), from the Woodland Park Zoo, in Seattle, Washington.

There is something about the look on his face.  That says , enough is enough.

Makes you wonder if there were other directions to evolve into ....Maybe Darwin should have issued an ordinance ?

He watches them all,
at what the cerebral cortex
has evolved into.


Greedy killings,
mindless power,
shameless promises,
protecting the loaded,
crushing the true,
lots of pointless blabber,
and zero useful action.

In the poster
that shows
him evolving into
and walking ahead
a straightened biped fool,
maybe it would have been better
to have turned left or right
instead of going straight ahead. ?

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