Thursday, May 15, 2014

Auto Vanaprasthashram....

My blogger and FB friend Janaki Nagraj , a published poet, and accomplished photographer,  posted this visual of a proud old vintage car , as part of the Theme Thursday, where the subject was : "Abandoned" ...

I've seem many such on the road as a child in Pune,  moving with great dignity.  I remember one such, a few years later , a bit more square in shape, and with side boards where we could stand, in my maternal grandfather's garage.

This visual reminded me of that.  A Vanaprasthashram,  where mobility was restricted or absent, but memories abounded  and celebrated in Brownian motion...

Immersed in memories
she sits
her cataracted eyes
straining to search
for that thin gleam of light,
as her toothless white anaemic gums
smile occasionally
at the thought
trips she did,
the handles that cranked,
how she puffed up the ghats
the radiator
boiling in anger.

Old age
tires you out
so much,
that even wiping and bathing
is tough.

Those little breaths of air
wheezing through
with an ancient classy nose ring,
they blow away
the depression dust
studded with the
occasional wet of tears.

She sits regal
watching it all....