Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The E-Sun ....

A friend sent this visual to me by email.

Gone are the days when you memorized the 12 salutations to the Sun while doing suryanamaskars in the morning.

Gone are the days when you welcomed the Rain with "Yere Yere Pausaa" as a child.

Today, you hold something in the palm of your hand, press buttons, possibly take photographs with the contraption, and then disburse pearls of instructional knowledge to someone from whom there is so much to learn.

The Sky is his Ipad
He shall not want.

He does his stuff,
dawn to dusk,
facing clouds,
defiant early moons,
and an Ozone War
as he desperately tries
to placate a rotating Earth
populated with
nerds fiddling with settings.

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