Friday, May 9, 2014

Gymnasts of the Green.....

Young photographer Pankaja , often gets amazing clicks from the window of her parents' house which is in a wooded area at a height.

Finding this little moth doing this sincere gymnastics, undeterred by the intimidating vastness of the green makes me think of something else.

And no, the little insect , needs no permissions, special set ups, or even special awards.

Some similar types inspire movies in Bollywood.

This one , begets a poem....

No politics of selection,
No training camps,
no special machines,

no subsidies;
just a
sincere practice of the art
from childhood,
the spying of a truant branch,
careful resting
of the dainty forearms
on top,
and a graceful lift
aided by the
transparent in attitude.

In the quiet of the forest,
the Olympic greens applaud....

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