Sunday, May 25, 2014

Politics and the Art of the Edible.

My FB and blogger friend from Delhi , Ritu Lalit, just baked some cinnamon bread and posted a visual before restless folks started to devour it. 

Please have a look at her cooking blog, Cooking is fun ......

The  entire process, the pictures, the anticipation, the tumultous mixing, the impatience , the rising of the bread,  could have only been described by someone who lives in the Capital, and is actively concerned with the national and local events.

Naturally,  these two mother-and-beta breads brought some things to mind.  

And yes, the presence of the new tablecloth and the dice was a complete masterstroke.

Holy dips in yeast,
a great stirring,
and coming together
of a coalition.

Multi seats Flour,
with cinnamon ki Mamata,
DMK Sugar Raja short statement,
Mulayam Eggs
and a pinch of RJD Salt,
the lady and her son
sitting with the allies,
wonder how they
still fell short.

in anticipation
of being torn apart
and devoured,
they see the advent
of a lady with a knife
waiting to
cut and analyse them.

Saffron and red,
everywhere they look.

They understand.

The dice fell differently this time.


  1. :) Lovely. I cross linked it to both my blogs. I am glad my bread provided inspiration for the poem as much as our politics did

    1. :-) Thank you, Ritu ! Have an extra piece on my behalf with your evening tea !