Friday, May 23, 2014

Decisive Birds.....

My blog and FB friend Deepak Amembal aka Magiceye, just now posted this visual of the Sky , in his Mumbai suburb of Bandra (East)as part of his Friday Skywatch series.

To someone , who has been bombarded by the print and electronic media by the post election jockeying for posts of importance in the new dispensation, this tableau presents an apt representation.

A  tree with denuded resources,  claimants for the many branches,  an acknowledged senior-in-age, looking hopefully up at chances,  many claimants for single branches,  a secure, confident, troubleshooting redoubtable Bird Friday, keeping his distance from the lot, and the Big Bird, observing it all, from a Supremely High position atop another branch of another tree.

(photo by Deepak Amembal)
So many
aspiring to occupy
high positions

across branches
of the executive tree,
now bereft
of any honest resources.

A lone Bird Friday
who handled
a few Troublesome Trees,
now sits in observation
some distance away,
as the Chief Old Bird
on a high perch
looking up,
leads the assorted claimants
for branches
of their choice.

the Chosen Bird
prefers to observe
from its perch
on the high rise branch
of an adjoining
Old Tree.

Under a blue
yet breezeless sky,
those with leaves
still remaining,
wait and watch.

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  1. yesss... a tree with denuded resources. Your observation is something :-)