Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bozoical Protest

Yes. Bozo is back , after many days. Because he could not keep quiet in the face of certain injustices.

Deepak Amembal,  Bozo's life chronicler,  has just appeared in an interview by a Tushar,  praising the Desert Storme,  his two wheeler , and talking about his trips with her.  

Bozo clearly needs to set the record straight.  Unlike recently observed eminent folks who need to organize meetings with pre dedcided outcomes to fight their fights, Bozo is an simple Aam Dog, and leads from the front .

He has generously allowed us to use this protest photo. You cannot miss the look in the eyes, the pursed lips, and the determination....

I protest.

But unlike folks
who sit under
shaminanas n the sun,
I prefer a cool place
in the house.

Unlike Anna Hazare,
I will eat,
in appreciation
of the Annadaataa
of the house.

It is just that
Deepak has given an interview
to a guy called Tushaar,
and it simply hurts
to see
the Desert Storme preening
all over the page.

I dont need to be kicked
or tweaked to start,
I do not spew smoke,
I maintain myself automatically,
unlike the Storme,
I interact with the entire family,
and spend my leisure hours
at their feet
near the sofa.

I know
Deepak once had his camera stolen
as it nestled in the
pockets of the Desert Storme.

She did nothing.

Had it been me,
I would have chased the thief,
and brought him down.

And then i hear this interview.

I guess
in these days of NaMo, RaGa, and now DeSt,
no one remembers Bozo,
the guy
whose original name started it all.

I am not Bopanna Zorawar
preening as Bozo.

And I have an entire blog
dedicated to me
by Deepak.

Suna Kya, Tushaar ?

Just saying....