Monday, May 12, 2014

Quietly cursed......

My FB friend Amit Amembal posted this visual .

It is a telling comment on the collapsing infrastructure in Mumbai , and the rank carelessness with which the authorities  keep announcing endless unsupervised  repairs,  makes this wish , enunciated below, almost impossible to imagine. 

Come monsoon,  no streams, no quiet, no listening.

Just a massive flow of clogged filth, flooded roads, and endless tolerance by those cursed to live here.

Everybody should be quiet
near a little stream
and listen..

To the swallowing
and bubbles,
as the water trips
amidst the trash ;
the thrashing of a tadpole
entangled in
the politics of plastic,
in a dark viscous flow
by oils and emissions
of the automotive and human types;

Even there,
a potholed flow,
water wasted into subterranean abysses
finding its blind way
into the ocean
after ravaging the mangroves.

I don't think
we should be quiet
and it is time
someone somewhere listened
and did something.

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