Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Digging into a mind ?

Human Creativity knows no bounds. In a single week, I come across photos posted by friends. First, the Stepwells of Gujarat, and today, my friend Deepak Amembal posts a picture of this square municipal hole in the premises of the Sion Fort, Mumbai, as part of his Mumbai Daily series. .

Many times it is about celebrating an ability, a gift of skill, a great appreciation of symmetry and beauty, combined with using it for a social good, relevant in those times.  Like the Adalaj Step wells found in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

And then , we have the artless, unprotected municipal structures, built with blatant disregard for the aesthetics of old structures , like Forts, as simple as they may be. Like this massive unimaginative hole, constructed in the Sion Fort, in one of the Central suburbs of Mumbai. And many artless types signing their names for posterity on the rocks alongside.

Sometimes one questions  the evolution of the  cerebral cortex  and/or human mind ...

They say
we have evolved.

From beautiful
constructed step wells
holding concerned thoughts for
the future
of a populace,
thoughtless artless holes
with no thought of safety
of carved identities
of those
who came by
to get away from it all.

A hundred years from now
someone will doubt
of the human mind....

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