Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Advanced flight techniques...

Mahim Nature park in Mumbai is a great favourite of butterflies. And also of blogger friend Magiceye.

He posts one of his captures titled " A butterfly waiting for take off", as part of his Fotothing series here . You can also click on thumbnails of other captures there.

And then you start wondering about the amazing (butterfly) traffic controller (ATC) Up There....

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
She rests,
wings close by her side;
having had
her fill of nectar;
and resolves to
look elsewhere
for more.

Wings out,
antennae active and up,
lights flashing on the wings,
she rises on her legs,
for a vertical takeoff.

ATC to Leafvein:
"Runway Green;
Bfly001 cleared for takeoff,
Over !"

But this Mumbai airport
is always a pain.
Those noisy ones,
with angular taxi-ing takeoffs
keep cribbing
about dogs wandering
in their paths;
and now
here's this yellow stuff
right in front ....

Leafvein to ATC:
"Dangerous yellow
Suspect Minister butterfly ,
Changing to lower runway.

And she takes off,
to cruise around
once again
on another green,
in another bush........

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