Monday, August 1, 2011

Citizen Bozo

Some folks are really important. They have their own blog, photo album, and their birthdays are celebrated by folks across the world wishing them . ( I honestly doubt if our PM, the British Monarch, or even Mr Obama can match that )..

Blogger friend , Magiceye, has a separate blog dedicated to the subject of this post, Bozo, who recently had a birthday, and may be seen showing off his new blue collar below, all in a typical , well brought up, low-key style.

A typical Mumbaikar, totally unaffected by the snazzy suburb of Mumbai he lives in, happy with the little things that matter in life....

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
Page 3 Lassie
sauntering by
with her studded collar
last week,
as she
gave me
a once over
from a Honda City
being driven
to the
Carter Road Promenade
for her daily "walk"....

I am the
real Mumbai chap;
I run
through the rain
with my human,
splash through the puddles,
at trespassers in my path,
wave at the cops
and ignore show offs,
only to
come home
to contemplate life,
and then stand
at the window,
for someone
to return home from work,
so I can
sit at his feet
and making noises.

A solid blue
new denim
birthday neck piece,
sharing a
special fish dinner,
all these
worldwide birthday wishes...

Agobai***, Woof !
I can hear Deepak calling out
for a birthday photo,
but I am
too overcome with shyness
to turn my face ...!

*** A typical middle class Marathi exclamation of wonder/alarm.

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  1. A wonderful birthday gift to my good friend, Bozo and Deepak! Sam Schnauzer and I feel so fortunate to have "bumped" into them in the blog world nearly three years ago! Just as I have been so fortunate to have found you, my dear friend! Thank you for the joy you bring into so many of our lives!!

    Sylvia and Sam