Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kya yeh.........?

If there was a prize for being an inveterate rule breaker or defier, there would be a huge competition for that prize in our country. Illiterate folks cannot read, but probably have more sense; the literate experts specialize in ignoring rules. Everywhere. Traffic, public programs, throwing trash, etc. And this blatant attitude ha given rise to a shameless question often asked by shameless defiers of rules ; ie "Kya yeh aapke bap ka hai " (~does this belong to your father ?).....

Blogger friend Deepak Amembal Magiceye, has posted a series of photographs of the Mookambika Temple in Kollur , Karnataka, which he visited. One such picture of human defiance ......

the earth stops short
of shaking
and convulsing
in anger....

The hills are ours,
so dig
and destroy
and sell the soil;
The notice about Mining?
"Kya ye aapke baap ka hill hai ?"

The rivers are ours,
So bathe, wash,
and flush with effluents ;
The notice about sewage?
"Kya ye aapka baap ka river hai ?"

This land , these temples,
these Gods, are ours ,
So we will build where we like,
Leave footwear where we like,
Throw paper where we like;
The notice about footwear ?"

Before you ask,
"Kya ye aap ke baap ka temple hai?"
Ji Haan...
This is the temple
of the
Father of the Earth;

and a day will come,
there will be no notice,
there will simply be
no feet...
no footwear.....

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  1. I love it! And how wonderful to have two such delightful friends from Mumbai! Much love to you both!