Saturday, August 27, 2011

Secret of the Red Beacon

Blogger friend Magiceye, often seems to see things we do not. He posted this in the series entitled 365 Project.

Possibly clicked on the coast of Mumbai, frequented by fishing trawlers, that probably explain the crow(s) showing an interest (in anticipation of something to chew) .

I guess all crows are not like the politicians, who hanker after the Lal Batti (Red Beacon indicating "Important Government Person") on their cars.

Some also know its a place to sit and look into the future..

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
Cawing across this city
I've often wondered
about the glamour
of the Lal batti
atop vehicles.

I guess
to some
it's all about
looking into the future
using whatever available
for the people
of a boat called India.

And to some,
my own contemporaries,
its about
grabbing something
to "eat"
in a high position,


  1. Marvelous words and Magic Eye does indeed get some terrific shots, doesn't he! I love this one, too! Hope your weekend is going well, my friend! Enjoy!


  2. I love the busi-ness of the crows :)