Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh Kolkatta !

Braja Sorenson, my blogger friend, lives in the village of Mayapur , in West Bengal. Besides, prayers, chants, temple bells, and writing another blog, and publishing a book, she is fond of cows, calves, walking through fields, photography, and the river Ganga.

This is a recent posting on her photo blog , Braja's India .

While us ordinary types, travel in rickety taxis through potholes , she sails in golden splendour , at dawn, being rowed across the Ganga, on her way to catch a train to Kolkatta

(all photographs by Braja Sorenson)

Ganga Devi's morning
makeup routine,
sprinkling the gold
watched avidly
by the Sun
from behind the mists.

on one bank,
another braid
of flaxen gold,
and she leans back
in the wood
as old as the river,
being rowed across.

She steps off,
looks back,
as the Sun
nudges a rippling Ganga,
"Where's she off to?"....

The wind
shakes the mist,
snaking through the green,
takes a guess,
"Oh ? Kolkatta ? ".....

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  1. You never fail to make me smile; this was the absolute manifestation of the word "delightful"!! Thank you S.