Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Looking" to start something.....

Blogger friend, Lakshmi Sharath, a well known media consultant, photographer, travel writer and columnist for several newspapers and magazines, is an avid birder as well. She ventured one evening, into the Thattekadu jungles near Kochi, which lies in Kerala, India's southern most state, for a date with the bird population there.

Among others, to look for Sri lankan frogmouths, a set of birds, that manage to camouflage themselves so well, that they sometimes look like the branches themselves. Do read about her wonderful birding trip, at Thattekadu, India : My date with the birds.

One gets a bit intimidated by the no-nonsense look of these birds, and it just reminded me of someone else........

(photograph by Lakshmi Sharath)

They sit,
seamlessly blending
with the world around them.

Wordlessly commenting
at the mess
we have become....

Abusing the
rules of the jungle,
but made of concrete,
Ravaging of the earth
for ore,
at the cost
of green,
the grand colors
of rich birds flying around,
flitting loyalties,
these two
sit ,
holding on,
on what many think
is a shaky branch,
but is really,
by those
who want the old jungles back.

Call them whatever,
call them frogmouths,
that look,
is pure Anna H!


  1. Lol ..that Anna bit of the poem :-)

    beautiful birds despite the lack of color , your words give them all the colors here.

  2. Fantastic!! the resemblance to Anna Hazare is something I never would have noticed on my own!