Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And it has all boiled over ......

Just something related to what is happening in the capital of the country.

The corruption Milk,
for long
on Simmer,
has boiled and boiled,
now risen in anger
spilled over
the sides
of the public stove.

Despite the thick
Rules bottom,
the milk
smells burnt.

"No, its not!"
say the faithful,
"the flames were ordered
as per rules,
but the metal guage
was changed
at the last minute;
not to worry....
We can sweeten everything..."

"Nonsense" ,
say the public;
"its terrible for paneer,
we'll throw up the coffee,
the dahi will never form.
But we need
to change the stove".......

The heat is on.

And the public is thrown in jail
for abusing the milk.

Maybe the powers forget,
that one day,
the cooking gas will run out.


  1. :) MAM I really admire it how you can write so beautiful on anything ...


  2. A sad state of affairs well brought out in your inimitable style.

  3. This is WONDERFUL ..I am standing and clapping for you, to have blended your words, thoughts with perfectly fitting image ! This has to put across some media or an online platform where people throng, to debate or chatter.The amazing read of the month ..:)