Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Greening

Blogger friend Magiceye posted this in the Saturday Photohunt series.

Blooms captured at the Mahim Nature Park in Mumbai. A park which was developed on what was previously a garbage dumping ground for the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

Methinks ,our society is somewhere reflected in the demeanor of the leaves......

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
An exciting,
blooming childhood,
standing up
to everything,
holding secrets close,
and rejoicing
in the opening up....

The apathetic mid-age,
been there, done that,
so what's new....
a boring routine,
all dressed up in red
and nowhere to go...

And then
one day,
a peaceful transition
across the hill,
into a senior life,
rich with green,
satisfying memories,
you hold them
all ,
red and green,
and say,
"How green was my valley .....!"

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