Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fortified Lives

My state of Maharashtra is home to several historical forts built by the Maratha Rulers . These were seats of government, sometimes used as the treasury of the government, and all of them were built in a way that entire armies and the ruling elite and officers , sometimes including families were able to stay here for large periods of time. These places had watchtowers, temples, watersupply systems, canons, moats , and complicate and secret entrances and exits

Immense amount of engineering was done in these places, and pathways laid out for even elephants and horses, to climb to the top

This is a view of the steps leading to the top of the Lohgad fort, the name translating to "An Iron Fort". A photo taken my my friend Magiceye.

आयुष्यातील अनेक प्रवास ,
काही खडकाळ दिवस ,
ओबड़ धोबड़ अनुभव ,
कधी सूर्याचा प्रखर राग,
कधी पद्धतशीर पायरी पायरी ने
जाणारे ,
पुढे नेणारे वसंताचे दिवस ,
कुणा एका
प्रेमळ आजीच्या कुशी सारखी
सावली व विश्रांति देणारे वृक्ष,
परत जोमाने पुढे नेणारे मन.....
गडाच्या बुरुजावर उभ राहून
खाली बघून
मनात येत....
"वाट कठीण असो वा सोपी,
अथक खर्या प्रयत्नांती
शेवटी यश हे
नक्कीच आपल अस्त .....

of our life;

shapeless obstructions
and rocky obstacles.
in the glare
of a burning sun;

Or Sometimes,
ascending in stairs,
the advancing days
of a pleasnat spring,
in the shade
of a Grandma Tree
you for a stopover.

Trudging up,
in patience,
feet and minds,
on the parapet
of the great Fort of Life,
and the stone
"It doesnt matter
if the path be
easy or difficult;
Honest effort always begets success....."

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  1. I luv visiting forts and other places of historic importance! Hv so wanted to visit Lohgad fort for a long time :(
    Loved these words here:)