Friday, August 12, 2011

The Houbara fashion week

The houbara bustard is a rare shy bird adapted to arid conditions with little vegetation and found in stony and sandy desert and semi-desert regions. Typically North Africa , Egypt , Canary islands etc.

The species has a fascinating flamboyant courtship display described as a ‘Turkey riding a bicycle’! As the male struts around in full display, white feathers on the head and around the throat emphasize the magnificence of his hidden plumage. The entire exercise is conducted to impress the female of the species.

This is an adult male houbara bustard among wildflowers in the Canary Islands. Picture posted by blogger friend Sangeeta Khanna.....

Just got me wondering .......:-)

for the
North African Houbara Fashion Week;

He flares his
brilliant white plumage
to flash it around,
doing the
ramp walk,
just so,
through the wild flowers.

Sights her
from the side
of his eyes,
pirouettes around
to see her eyeing
and winking
at the next chap,
with a
Folies Bergere plumage.

do the Lady Hubaras
think they are ?
Clapping, tweeting,
and winking at us?

Canary Island Slutwalk anyone ?


  1. I love it! Delightful words and what a fascinating bird! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. :-), to the bird, to the photographer and to the poet(ess)