Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Swinging Life ?

My blog and FB friend, M S Gopal aka Slogan Murugan, has an amazing photoblog, The Indian Road Romeo , where he posted this very evocative  visual, clicked by him , on a trip to Nashik Vineyards. He also has another photo blog , Mumbai Paused  dedicated to Mumbai, the city  that is always on the move, as he describes it.  An amazing collection of vignettes  from Mumbai.

  Nashik is a few hours north east of Mumbai , on the banks of the reverred Godavari river, and the soil is supposed to be ideal for grape cultivation. Since the last few years it has appeared prominently on the Wine Map , with great attention being paid to the cultivation and soil etc.

Grapes as a cash crop, and wine as an industry, and land as an asset,  is an attractive proposition.  Except for the local woman villager, who finds ways and means of looking after her little child, while she slogs in the fields.

The owners make profits, export wines, hold grape festivals. The lady's husband may typically be found with his cronies in town,  drinking away with his friends.

I wonder what the child will think when he grows up.

(photograph by Slogan Murugan /M S Gopal)
Some big men
not always
sons of the soil,
worry about soil type,
ground fertility,
and pests,
proudly siring
and nurturing vineyards...

Some other big men,
the weather,
the life stage,
the fertility,
the nurturing,
the burning Sun,
sire some little ones,
to a bare minimum life
in an organized vineyard.

Wrapped in
colors of maternal softness,
rocked by the breeze,
they watch
the seasons
change from bare posts and stakes
to laden vines.

Like their life,
from a bare,
lazy, spoilt,
drink-with-your-pals father
to a
hardworking mother,
who looks on
in wonder
at both the fruits of her labor....


  1. Well said.."Wrapped in colors of maternal softness,
    rocked by the breeze,they watch the seasons change"...just love these lines..

    1. Viyoma, Thank you and welcome to this blog !

  2. Wonderful words to aptly describe sorrow state of those hardworking women and their kids

    1. Team G Square, Thank you ! One has seen small children resting like this at construction sites while their mothers work; the stark contrast in the photo was so evocative !

  3. You have summed up so much in but a few words. And that image is symbolic of so much.

    1. Thank you ! Its all about so little amidst so much....