Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Bozoical Joy

Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog cannot be happier.  The rains have returned to Mumbai, it is actually cooler, and this monsoon there are more folks at home than before, because some folks don't have to go to work everyday.. 

Bozo, in his "schwaanprasthashram"  now enjoys all the good things of life; rubs, tickles, scratching of back ad ears, lying down pretending to watch television next to his mentor and chronicler Magiceye. Of course he is wary of the new entrant called "Desert Storm" in the family, but as an elder, he ignores its presence in the garage.  I mean whoever heard of a motorcycle that could smile, wag its tail, and enjoy delicious meals ?

Never mind.  Bozo is a benevolent chap. 

Long ago,
a great man recommended
simple living and high thinking.

Of course,
you have no way
of knowing
if my thinking is high or low.
But I've always been
a proponent of simple living.

Not for me,
being brushed
and bathed by special staff,
and then
a ride in a Mercedes
to Otters Club followed by
a walk on the Promenade,
in my new French collar,
and German retractable leash,
smirking at the
other chaps outside CCD.

I have my walks and stuff
my own special things
like my Olympic medal collar
which I wear outside.

But what I love
is to have a light meal
with my family,
greet folks when they visit,
nuzzle up,
and get tickled and scratched;
sometimes, my back,
sometimes by stomach,
and sometimes even my ears ,
the good feeling
simply shines through my eyes.

Unlike some bipeds,
we don't guffaw,
but we wag our tails,
and smile,
emanating a great silent laugh.

You will never know
the joy
of stretching ,
and falling asleep
at someones feet,
quietly snoring,
on a cool Mumbai Sunday noon,
when it rains people and cats outside....