Saturday, September 15, 2012

Loading society, dieting mares .....

This is a click posted on the Project Jugaad Page on FB. Jugaad is the local word that means grassroots innovation to overcome any constraint .

For some reason, the slight of the slim overloaded animal reminded me of the recent quote by Gujarat CM Modi, where he attributed the women's malnutrition in his state to the tendency of the women  to ignore health and  diet for the sake of fashion.

The beauty conscious
dieting mare,
pushed into it,
by a helpless elder,
and then loaded
under the weight
no access to quality education,
hitherto made available
by family
only to horses.

No roof,
unavailable nutrition,
unaffordable clothes,
undreamable ornaments,
tightly reined in
wishing to gallop.....

One must be grateful
for good roads
rubber wheels,
that make her pulling easier.

She doesn't know
that the roads
were actually made
for white horses,
carrying decorated bipeds
selling themsleves
for money.....

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  1. What a beautiful and poignant piece Suranga! Women indeed are no better than the beasts of burden. Malnourished for beauty? How insensitive does power make our politicians!