Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Case of the Masala Doddak

Whenever my blogfriend Deepak Amembal aka Magiceye posts delicious photographs of stuff he is having for breakfast, I always wait a while to post the poem that it has inspired, so that he may complete his breakfast, undisturbed...:-))

 One such great photograph of what he calls a Masala Doddak , what others may call a quick, veggie-rawa-thick-dosa, something that one may make without complicated advanced soaking /grinding and similar preparations.

It is all about a Rawa (Cream of wheat) soaked in a great , naturally juicy mixture of veggies, shredded coconut, salt , spices , etc; all stirred together and spread on a hot griddle(Tawa) to make a wonderful edge-singed ,brown spotted thick Dosa/Dhirda.

This is an Ode from a Hungry Poet.......:-)

Despite looks of disapproval
from the conservative
Adai Mamis and Dosa bhais,
who swear by
dedicated soaking

and getting ground to smithereens
in the cause of
some stubborn folks,
Doddak Rao prevails.

An absolute Rawa Casanova,
many times
in cahoots with
the Coconut in shreds,
he sometimes favours
mingling with grated cucumbers,
while grated pumpkins
have also
been known to catch his eye.

in a Tamasi mood
he often nudges
the onions , tomatoes and chillies,
and makes merry with
the coriander.

So much merrymaking
so much of teasing
young veggies
till they weep
everyone gets mixed up.

In the meanwhile,
the Tawa Police
have been watching,
and getting angry and hot by the minute.

A few spoons of water,
a good stirring of emotions,
and Casanova Doddak Rao
is sentenced
to a life
of heat and being chewed,
watched by the chutney judges.

After all,
Law and Order
is a kitchen subject,
the Constitution guarantees
freedom from Veggie Teasing.


  1. Loved the last three stanzas the most. Tawa police is hilarious :-)

  2. have made this so presentable and edible.