Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Crabby Life .....

My young friend, Sharvari Paranjape of Pune, just out of school /or about to, accompanies her photography crazy family, to all these wild life parks/reserves in the state  and also the various beaches of Kokan.

She has figured earlier on this blog with her amazing monkey pictures.

This  is a capture at the  Karde Beach in Kokan.

As per tradition, this blog always roots for the underdog, this time specifically under a rock.....originally in Marathi, then an afterthought in English.

दबा धरून बसलेले खेकडे
मागे गेले तर महागाई खाली चिरडणार,
पुढे गेलं तर भ्रष्टाचाराच्या लाटानखाली
गटांगळ्या खाणार ....
चौफेर लक्ष देत जगलं,

तरी हळू हळू पुढे जायचं,
कुणाच्यातरी पायाखाली
नाहीतर जाळ्यात न येण्याची पराकाष्ठा करायची ,
आणि सगळ्याना चुकवत
आयुष्याचा रस्ता सापडला
कि कोणीतरी येउन उचलाव,
आणि हात पाय तोडून
आगीच्या फोफाट्यात भाजावं,
वाह वाह म्हणाव .....
हे काय आयुष्य आहे ?

That crabby feeling.

Take a step back,
and get crushed
and squeezed
by the rocky costs of living.

Move ahead,
and get swallowed
in the tsunami of corruption
erupting in waves
around you.

And if,
by some tentative ingenuity,
wide eyed alertness
you avoid being trodden on
netted by danger,
there is always
that mercenary one
who picks you up,
cracks your limbs,
and throws you to broil
in the fire,
licking his lips,
in anticipation
of the meal.
Is that a life ?


  1. Oh how poignant the tale of the crab and us indeed. The pic is fabulous.

  2. What a life indeed! where to go and what to do?

    1. Zephyr, Sometimes , I wonder what we have come to, when we see our environment and what it emphasizes, in every photograph someone unknowingly posts !

  3. ..what a tremendous thought and poem! Loved it!