Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Allocation of Sour Dough Blocks

I am blessed with some amazing friends who I have never met. Who spend an entire afternoon making sour dough bread , and then post photos .

My FB friend and blogger Sangeeta Khanna , likes to cook stuff , paying attention to the nutritional value of what she uses. She also uses the freshest of ingredients as she has her own garden, which she tends with green fingers.

 The minute she posted this, there was a clamour for pieces online, with some folks ruing the fact that they stay so far away from her house. Some even openly planned to kidnap her so they could have a series of baking sessions with her.

 It is strange because we've been hearing in the political news about similar clamours for coal blocks, surreptitious granting of pieces of land for mining, and certain folks lives being greatly sweetened.

Just saying. ...

Sigh.  Since I live more than 1000 kilometres away from it all, all could do was write a poem ...:-)

(photo by Sangeeta Khanna)
The temperature is perfect,
the various nutty allies
are supportive,
as the yeast of ambition,
gets them

over confident, 
and puffed up.

Their own oven,
their own flour,
free butter for the asking;
All the bread blocks would be theirs
to cut up
and sell to outsiders
with the pepitas of power
at amazing prices.

Here's someone,
who sources
her own mind,
her own garden,
and her own knowledge
of sensible ingredients.
The yeast of ambition
changes to the yeast of friendship,
and spreads,
an afternoon bake.
And she cuts them into pieces,
and virtually
offers them one by one,
to everyone ,
with a cup of hibiscus tea.......

The pepitas,
happily tumble away ,
as she cuts the bread.

For they wait
to be popped
into her mouth as she reads this ....



  1. You are awesome Suranga. This bread got a reward in your poetry. :-)

    1. Sangeeta, Thank you. Just wondering what you had the bread with . Baby spinach pasta with pesto sauce, or grilled aubergines with tomatoes and capsicums. :-(.........:-))

  2. I live but 15 kms away and yet have not tasted any of her yummy recipes, Suranga. So don't fret. We will kidnap her yet, one day :)