Thursday, September 27, 2012

Zen and the Art of Nishkaam cleansing

Each group pursuing their own . Karma.

Some, on a DashaVinayaka Yatra on their motorcycles, visiting the various Ganpati temples of Maharashtra , celebrating the Ganesh festival, revving up the coastal and backroads of Maharashtra, to worship the Lord and learn about the people.

And some, more colorful,  on a permanent cleansing Yatra,  letting the rivers carry away the exhaust from their lives, unchanged, day after day, season after season. 

Both worship.  But  fruits of some labour are more tangible than the others ....

(All photos by members of the DashaVinayaka Yatra )


with thudding innards,
creating power
with dedicated systems
sparking in Bhakti

amidst an attar
petrol and air,
pushing up the
Mountains of Dedication,
and cruising by Rivers of Prayer,
appealing to the Lord,
to keep
those Wheels of Life
turning smoothly,
as the Sins,
smashed and stirred to smithereens,
exit angrily,
behind them all.

And some,
by Holy Rivers,
energised biceps,
and quadriceps,
giving the dirty
world a good dunking,
followed by a
Villany on the Stone,
as they wash away
the Sins,
of those too busy ,
and allow them to
exit with the soap suds,
meekly dripping ,
in tears.


One sips from a green fruit
of their labour.

The other expects none.


  1. Suranga, is there any topic that stumps you, ever? :D Great observation and pics to go with them!

    1. Zephyr, Such a diverse set of great photos of amazing rides , spurs me on. And I really have a secret admiration for the ladies at the river too....