Saturday, September 22, 2012

Walks, Heads and Loads

My FB friend NandanTavanandi  posted some great clicks on his visit to the Sinhagad Fort  near Pune. 

Like this visual of the local women, climbing the fort via the small pathways, possibly carrying the days food and other requirements for those family members working  and/or attending the local school few kilometres way ....

Something they do, year round, regardless of the weather, the road condition etc.

And it just reminded me about something else....

learning to walk as adults,
book on head,
chiseled to perfection,

in designer outfits
straightened protected ramps
in controlled surroundings
with programmed applause,
steeped in stress....

And some,
on a permanent climb,
with loads of worries,
all carried
up Life's Hills,
on a balanced head,
a sensibly tucked saree,
and a
stick to support,
as they chat about
families, kids,
food, prices,
and gossip,
and meander through life's paths,
by the flowers,
the grass,
the trees.

Someone waits
for lunch at the peak,
and the Bhakri must not get cold...


  1. A moving metaphor and an apt allegory to life, a climb to meet the expectant eyes.

    That is a stunningly composed photograph. Most of the times your poems are like mountains to the molehills you choose to dwell on. This time though, the object stands shoulder to shoulder to your art. Congratulations to both you!