Friday, September 28, 2012

Worship technology....

A very perceptive click . At Pali, in the Raigad District of Maharashtra,  at the famous Ballaleshwar temple, off the Mumbai-Pune highway, the abode of the famous temple  constructed bt Nana Fadnavis, in stone, to replace the original wooden temple, in 1760. The temple is constructed in such a way that after the winter (dakshinayan : southward movement of the sun) solstice, the sun rays fall on the Ganesha murti at sunrise. The temple is built with stones which are stuck together very tight using melted lead.

 Photographed  by  a member of the Bisons Ride Hard group, that recently went on a 4 day Dashavinayak darshan by motorcycle across Maharashtra's Ganpati Temples.

CCTV's seem to be the technology of choice, allowing  the devotees a two dimensional darshan of an n-dimensional Lord.   Many years ago, one could peer in at the door, under special circumstances even get closer to the Lord.  There were then no steel railings; just self defined ones in the mind....

Things have changed.

The head understands but the heart does not.

I just have one question....and no answers !   

Cool Gaabharaas,
Sanctum Sanctorums,
resplendent with
ancient stone,
gold, silver, vermilion

and silk vastras,
atmosphere redolent with a
dedicated mixture
dhoop, agarbattis, lamps,
jasmines, roses, hibiscus, 

milk, panchamrit,
and Durwa
amidst recitations
of prayers
and revolving aartis....

No one allowed in
to see Him,
but a view
on a flat,
depthless television screen
makes everyone
pray, and behave.

In daily life too,
we don't see Him,
know he is there,
but strangely,
folks don't behave....

Why ?


  1. We forget that God is everywhere?

  2. Magiceye, our response to the fact is different in different places. We selectively believe in that. A person may sit piously in front of the CCTV screen, while not seeing the actual moorti , but its televised image. The same person may simply act violent outside regardless of the fact that God is still around him. But he doesnt feel the "daDpaN".....