Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Morning has broken ......

The power of a visual.

My friend Sangeeta Khanna posted this Good Morning visual from Delhi, some time ago today. 

Such is its power, that even after logging on after  having breakfast in muggy Mumbai, it gave a sense of a cool nippy Delhi morning,  a lady walking in from her green garden with a small basket of Prajakta flowers, pouring herself an amazing tulsi or hibiscus tea ,  and enjoying a great morning , say , in a verandah or balcony, with assorted birds chirping away.

Sigh. What a difference from early morning cooker whistles, garlic tadka smells,  honking car horns, and  a reversing car playing the latest item song.....

A new day.

Some steep themselves,

out of the garden
into a teapot,
giving of themselves,
to warm your hands,
surround you with flavour
warm down
a fasting throat.

shake excitedly
tumble down
in your path,
as you take
an early morning garden walk
and then sit quietly
in the tray
strewing magic in the air
applauding the
tea leaves,
giving off themselves.

Birds tweeting,
amidst the jungle of green.

Your early morning 5 senses alert.

So many doing so much for us.

Just wondering if WE even try ......


  1. Even I wanna try !!!

    The pot and flowers really tempt me to make the trip to Delhi :)

  2. This is a blessing for me today. Truly absolutely.

    1. What a beautiful image and what a beautiful poem--so utterly feminine, so joyous!