Saturday, September 29, 2012

Breakfast Wars

My friend Swati Maheshwari, blogger, photographer,traveler,environmentalist and entrepreneur, had something to say about this breakfast she recently had , and clicked, half way through, and posted on twitter.

It just occurred to me , that had this breakfast been of another variety, she wouldn't have had time to click.......

I mean it isn't a patch on some excellent idli/vada sambaar , vada paav and filter kapi, is it ? ....

In keeping with the characteristic of the breakfasts mentioned, the poem is bilingual :-)

(photograph by Swati Maheshwari)
Dame Lettuce
in her flouncy dress,
sitting with the skirt strewn around,
really trying
to overshadow
the tomato,
much cut up with this bossgiri...

As the very Propah
Lord Omelette
only when approached
by the Knife
and the fork,
watched from a distance by
a butter and jam
simply yearning for some bread.

The juice,
with years of
agitated experience,
simply sighs,
and says,
 क्यूँ  यह  सब  "क्वीन"वाल्ला
लोर्ड  और लेडी  नाश्ता  ?

इतनी  दुनिया  देखी ,
इतने  ब्रेकफास्ट   के  पीछे  मै  भागी ,
लेकिन  मुझे  लगता  है
सब    को  मिलाके  बनाया  हुआ
चटनी  में  डूबा  डूबा  कर 
या  साम्बार  में
फ्रीस्टाईल करता  हुआ  ब्रेकफास्ट
और  ही  मजेदार  होता  है ....

ब्रेड भाई      को  कभी  पूछा  क्या ,
की  उसे
कांटे  से  लाया  आमलेट  का  टुकड़ा 
गरम  गरम  बटाटा  वडा  /चटनी
इन  में  से
कौन  पसंद  है  ?...."


  1. One day Coleslaw
    ek din idli ! :P

    A sandwich sometimes that satiates
    kabhi dosa dete santosh :P

  2. garama garam batata vada laal hari chutney ke saath...wohi zyada pasand hai :-)

  3. This is brilliant! I cant believe a simple photograph led to such a wonderful poem! It's an honor :) Thank you so much! :) :)