Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bozoical Visarjan Tales

Bozo, Mumbai's  only dog-with-his-own-blog  really cannot understand  the bipeds.

They celebrate the arrival of  Lord Ganpati Bappa with so much joy, and it continues for ten days of worship, and decorations, preparations of delectable prasad, and many social and cultural performances.  

At the end of the ten days, why do they "celebrate" the departure ?  In party mode ?  With so many suffering from an overdose of noise, pollution in the air, and other problems?

Of course, Bozo is privy to certain e-conversations with the mouse that is Bappa's vehicle, since both he and the mouse can hear much more than the bipeds.  All he can do is find his own solutions for dealing with this.  And Magiceye captured him in one such moment .....

You know,
I can hear much more
than you can.

In frequencies , that is.

And I have 18 muscles,
that allow me
to move my ears
any which way I want....

unlike you bipeds,
I get to hear conversations
Lord Ganpati and his
transport mouse ,
as the immersion processions
trundle on
till late at night....

And I hear that
the Lord wonders,
why the bipeds
actually celebrate His departure
as if they are happy about it ?

electronnic music,
woofers, people screaming
and dancing.
And then
a dip in an ocean
already crowded with junk....

we dogs yawn
when we are stressed,
and I kept doing that last night....

But just think,
Bappa cannot even do that,
like it happened before,
folks will start
another celebration,
Bappa wants to drink milk..... 

I hear
Bappa really likes
small children in parades,
school kids doing Lezim,
and devotional singing,
so misses it today....

I guess He already knows,
that politicians
have taken over his festival,
and everything
is now for
show of power.

Bappa doesnt vote,
so no one will listen to Him ....

Maybe he should.
Teach everyone a lesson.
In sense,discipline,devotion,
and concern for your fellow citizens...

Ganpati Bappa Morya !


  1. Nice. Can imagine what pain animals go through during Visarjan hangama... The humans themselves are not spared.