Friday, November 23, 2012

BKC , Growing Up.....

My FB and blog friend Slogan Murugan, who is also M. S. Gopal in real life, specialises in bringing to you, vignettes of Life as it happens in Mumbai, a city that never stops.

Check out his blog here.

This is one of his captures of the frenetic construction activity that seems to be happening in the Bandra Kurla area, hitherto called the Bandra Kurla Complex.

The part of Mumbai, lying between the tony fashionable western suburb of Bandra and the reallife hard-knocks-of-life eastern industrial suburb of Kurla, was actually marshy land through which the lethargic Mithi River snaked its way to the Arabian Sea.  The river still exists, but the land has been reclamation, and developed , into an area that now boasts of very high land prices, huge office complexes, consular office set ups, various Bank Headquarters, star hotels, exhibition grounds with an odd unavoidable residential colony thrown in. The construction is all powerful steel and glass, glinting in the harsh Mumbai sun

Reminds you of something ? ......

(photo by Slogan Murugan  aka MS Gopal)
Some so upright
and standing tall,
some others
falling across
to make connections,

holding close
at each junction and meeting;
A veiled clarity,
politically tinted,
as they look out
for some
more adventurous types,
who prefer cutting
oblique corners
to reach
their own heights.

The Sun shines bright
on those outside,
with limited options
facing rain,
not to mention
shining surfaces
making their eyes
blind to
what happens
in high
and erstwhile transparent places.

Things, they say,
are really Complex
in Bandra Kurla......

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  1. Complexes ! Ah complexes! What a complex it can give !?! :)