Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Gushing Life Moment

My FB and blogfriend, travel writer, trekker, photographer Nisha Jha , recently visited Phillipines , and posted this wonderful visual on her visit  to the Magdapio Waterfalls, where apparently Francis Coppola shot the movie Apocalypse now.......

I've always remembered what we learned in school about mountain springs, how they are formed, and origin of rivers.  There was something about the gushing speed of this waterfall, captured so well, that brought a virtual story to mind.

She of the mountains
in the melting moments
of snow,
in a slow flow
towards the plains
with her assorted children
streaming around
jumping across boulders
and sneaking around some roots.

And she pines
for the one
speedy child that got away
into the rocks at birth,
lost in the crevices,
but traveling by intuition,
moving where life takes him;
tantalizingly close to the top,
within hearing distance of the mom,
but mostly,
eroding rocks,
and pushing its way
in an effort
to see the light.

A pleasant mid-day sun,
and she flows,
as usual,
with the kids,
watching some folks on the banks,
and sees them click.

A glance
and the sunlight sparkles
on her face,
wreathed in waves
of unbridled delight.

It's the truant,
speedy child,
having found a spring opening,
cascading down
to meet his Mom,
gushing down at high speed
amidst huge sprays
in the biggest F1 Race
of his life.


  1. touching, awesome!

  2. So well written, Suranga! Your words always light up my photos. :)
    Thanks again, dil se!