Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Strands of Life

My young friend Swati Maheshwari blogs at Espial  and posted an amazing set of  photographs reflecting Diwali in her post Lights, Sweets and Celebrations.

Swati , is a management graduate, PR professional, entrepreneur in the field of sustainable development and green products, and co-owner of Rustic Art  a place where everything is handcrafted and original,  and everything they make  is untouched by chemicals, machines, animal testing, animal fat and even artificial fragrances & colors.

Swati is photographer par excellence, and surprisingly, a biker too.  A few thoughts about individuals, who enrich themselves with the opportunities made available to them, and endeavour to give it back; so different from the usually trodden path.....

Given a long rope
of opportunity,
love, friendship,
indulgence and creativity,

she slogs to turn it
red and gold,
rich in feeling
golden in style,
learning and understanding
then wrapping it around,
keeping it close.

In so many
ups and downs
isobaric isothermic life paths,
she unravels these,
smiling to herself,
and sharing strands
with others,
golden memories for them
during festivals of light....


  1. I like how you stringed together such beautiful words for the picture.
    Indeed an excellent shot!

  2. I always wonder how your thoughts roam as soon as you see a picture! Great, Suranga!

    1. Sandhya, the idea actually takes seed when I see a photo, and even though I look at other posts, i keep coming back to that one. Thats when the poem happens. Thank you!

  3. The strands of the string are as beautiful as the verses. The photographs are indeed most striking ane evocative!

  4. What an inspiring poem :) It has added deep meaning to the photo. I am extremely overwhelmed and thankful to you for adorning this picture with such wonderful words. Thanks again!