Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The coming of age of Anarsa.....

My blog and FB friend , Shruti Nargundkar of Melbourne, writes a wonderful post recalling her childhood Divali celebrations, and preparation of some Maharashtrian traditional foods like "Anarse" by her mother and grandmother.

Please read her post "The Chest of Hope" ,  to know more.    As well as the recipe for Anarsas. Made from rice powder, suitably fermented with sugar /jaggery, as Shruti says  "These anarsas/delectable morsels taste earthy yet intriguing due to the rice wine like flavour!"

Naturally, this inspired a poem on Marathi about the "wedding of Tandula"....(Tandul is marathi for rice) and her state of mind just before the big day.  An English version also happened. 

कार्तिकात ठरलेला विवाह ,
कौतुकात भावंडात रमलेली तांदुळा ,
आणि आजकाल मनाची होणारी घालमेल ....

स्वच्छ तोंड धुतले

तरी सतत वाहणार्या गंगा जमुना
आणि आईने
पुन्हा पुन्हा तिचा चेहरा धूउन
काळजीने फिरवलेला हात .

बाल मैत्रीण गुळा ने येउन
एकजीव होउन घातलेली समजूत,
आणि दोघींनी लपून केलेले चार दिवसाचे हितगुज.

वयात आलेली तांदुळा ,
सुखाने विवाहास राजी झाली .

पिकलेल्या केळाबाईन्चे ऐकले ,
आणि त्यांना आनंदाने जाउन मिळाली .
शुभ मुहूर्तावर सोनेरी शालू
चापून चोपून नेसून बोहल्यावर चढली ,
खसखशीच्या अक्षता झेलत
सौ. अनरसा फराळे झाली ........
giddy in anticipation
of a wedding in the November Kartik Days
blessed with a festival of lights,
suddenly apprehensive
of leaving home
fussed over amidst brothers and sisters.

And the tears of separation
flow unchecked,
as her mother
washes and wipes her face
again and again.

Her best friend,
closeted herself with her
and spent four days
setting her mind at rest.

coming of age,
now ready for the Big Day.

Cooperating with Lady Banana,
drenched in the pulp,
she appears
in a golden silk saree,
draped in slick style,
as she faces the moment.

A confetti of poppy seeds,
a dip
and anointing
with hot ghee
and the Tandula of yore
emerges as
Ms Anarsa Faraley,
ready to enjoy Divali.

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  1. This is one thing I have never had.

    Happy diwali to Miss Anarsa Faraley and Date family :-)