Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bozoical secret wishes.....

Bozo, Mumbai's only blogging dog  is someone who learns a lot by observation. In addition, he has folks who read to him,  and he listens, particularly when it relates to him.

He has seen his family enjoying books, has hung around peering into books and magazines being read by them, and had hoped that someone would at some point come up with a book for him.

Turns out, that in celebration of a chap who learned good things in life by observation and deep canine thinking,  an old lady from the far away woods in Mumbai actually came up with that book.

Yes, Bozo practices reading. And listening. And Magiceye captures him doing just that.

But he has a secret wish.

Read on .

There is something
about nature and nurture....

At first ,
I thought
it was about
someone playing with spellings.

Then I would
observe folks
sitting down  to read
after a tired day in traffic,
or an incessant rain
outside on a weekend
leading to a read
with a cup of masala chai.

Then there were kids coming in
from muddy sports
who washed up
and got down
to book basics.

Nature didn't bless me
with reading eyes,
but I observed
and I liked, and I learned.

Now that I have my own book,
I sit with it,
trying to figure out how to turn the pages.

I don't really have to.

My life has been an open book,
and my great family
helps me turn the pages.

I just wish,
like so many folks who blog,
I could have a poetry reading
at a 5-star place
and have my friends
Luci, Pablo, Lindy, and Sam attend....


  1. Ah, I'd love that, Bozo!!

    Sam Schnauzer

  2. Woof woof, says Luci! She is all excited about attending a poetry reading. She even has a new ear style to show off ;)