Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bozoical Despair

In a world, where both celebrations and mourning involve going over the top, forcing folks to tolerate a lot of inconveniences, rudeness and selfish inconsiderate behavior, Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog has realized , that there are some folks who never learn.

 When things get too much, he huddles into a room, and lies on the cool floor, trying to feel secure amidst familiar furniture and closed doors. And while he may look like he is sleeping, he is not. His mind ticks on.

And his mentor Magiceye, clicks in sympathy.  Bozo is worried about something .  If they would only listen .....

It is a dark night,
and the lights strung on balconies
and winking oil lamps,
tell me
that it is Divali once again.

Just in case I have doubts
there is
an endless
and deafening bursting of crackers
by the neighbors.

You see,
we fellows
have built-in amplification
in our ears,
and the sound is frightening.

I find the quietest place
in the house,
amidst sympathetic furniture
that eats up some of the sound
and I lie down.

The cool tiles
calming an agitated mind,
it suddenly occurs to me
that I am
a lucky dog.
I have a place to hide.

What about
those little  kids
who work in firework factories,
streaked in explosives
with their bare hands,
because some at home
must get their daily meal ?

And do they have
a place to hide
something blows up around them ?

Did anyone say anything about A Dog's Life ?


  1. Such thought provoking lines from a pic. Great read!

  2. Thinking canine, our Bozo, isn't he? And not just that, he is also a compassionate being, unlike the bipeds who inhabit his world.

  3. That's beautiful. Heard Bozo talk for the first time. Loved him only for his looks but seems he has a beautiful heart too.