Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bozoical Solutions

Bozo,  Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog has been through a lot in his younger wild days.  Some good friends, some undesirable ones,  just like all of us.   And one think he has learnt, in all these years, now that he is a senior dog,  is that , one must THINK, on one's own , before rushing into something.

A few years ago, he would have dashed around and barked his head off at the bird who messed up the balcony ledge. These days, he barks a bit out of habit, but spends more time nosing around trying to figure out things.  His mentor Magiceye, clicked him in one of his investigative moods.....

We fellows
are blessed with
a fine sensitive nose.

We smell
and birds
not to mention
yummy stuff happening
in the kitchen.

My cool nostrils
flared in anger
on seeing this desecration
of the balcony ledge.

Ears perked up, tail straight
I stretched and sniffed,
glared at the sky,
"how dare they ....."

And then i remembered
I too used to do such stuff
in my younger days
to mark my territory
when i ran wild with my friends.

I am older now,
and I have learnt
that everyone has their own way
of showing power,
even birds.
I also learned,
that a frightened bird
will also do this.

Like I heard someone say,
space is limited
the earths population
grows and grows.

Territories must be shared
both minds and territories
must be kept free
of dirt and bad thoughts.

I think
I will wait,
for this to dry,
and then scratch it away with my paw.....

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