Thursday, November 29, 2012

Whispers of beauty

My blogger and FB friend  Swathi Ram,  was so delighted with her purchase of these antique earrings, that she modeled wearing them, the makers of this jewellery posted the photo on FB, and were thrilled to see nineteen FB comments in twenty minutes, admiring either the earrings, and/or the model.

I look forward to another photograph of Swathi, possibly modeling an antique traditional nose ring .

In the meanwhile ,  I just found out something ......

(photo by Swathi's friend Ravi )

It sits,
quiet on the Lobula,
intense in design
nudging the green,
and tries
to blows a wisp of hair away
as it tries
to entangle in appreciation.

Then it waits
and realizes,
that the wisps
are actually saying something;
"hear, hear!
It has to be a special day
so many with
so many nice words
pour forth on FB....."


  1. I have actually been tempted to try a nose stud/ring for a few days now ;) This just inspires me more :P

    Btw, my friend Ravi was behind the lens :)

    1. Photo credit duly noted and modified.... and I wait for the nosering photo now :-)

  2. Loved it. The earring, the model and the dialogue between the hair and the earring :-)