Wednesday, November 14, 2012


My FB friend Arvind Khanna from New Delhi, posted this very evocative photograph on his Photo Page.

It is a measure of the shamless greedy going-ons  in the prominent realms of power, that a beautiful  visual of a sole oil lamp, flickering  vis a vis  some big lights in the distance can bring these thoughts in your mind below....

 (photo by Arvind Khanna)
escaping from the
fake, well-to-do
prosperous ,

leading powerful lights
of the capital,
individually well ensconsed,
but still
and checking each other,
all usng free energy.

And she runs
and runs,
only to come to rest
on the outskirts,
where a
sole Diyabai
makes the best 

of some
oil saved over days,
to bring a smile
on the face
of a child
just awakened
in her lap.....

Happy Divali, Diyabai!


  1. The second para is so touching.
    You are awesome Suranga :-)

  2. I like how you included the child's smile in this pic. Great lines.