Saturday, November 10, 2012

Political Evolution at High Altitudes...

My  blogging friend, botanist researcher Sangeeta Khanna  recently visited Sikkim , and  was smitten by various local veggies that don't normally make an appearance , say, in big metros.  Naturally, she probably lugged back a basket of those , to experiment later while cooking.

Have a look at the various vegetables here.  While some were heard of but not seen , there were some which looked a bit hybrid. Like the ones below.

Neither the brinjals nor the  tomato parivars would have been thrilled.  Purity and all that.

And a thought kept reccurring in the mind. ......

The Congressi brinjal
BJP red tomato
eloped to the mountains
straight from the backyard

of Lutyen's Delhi.

No Party Sharty
in the Himalayas,
and a tough
but a healthy life
slogging in the winds
and cold
and brilliant Himalayan Sun,
their children happened,
losing all the
excessive colorful traits,
except the beaklike stem
all the shouting their parents did
in Parliament.

You can tell
whose children they are,
but they all now belong
to the Greens Party.


  1. I definitely lugged them all back, some 5 kilos of different vegetables, greens and mushrooms. Some Orchids too.
    These ones probably are the primates of the tomato-brinjal world, so may be more purist than the modern breeds ;-)
    May be they are trying to cover their faces seeing how their offspring are behaving in the parliament?