Sunday, May 26, 2013


No. Bozo Amembal is NOT a disciple of Baba Ramdev , or any other guru.

 He has this innate ability to reach levels of relaxation by assuming some interesting poses. He clearly has never attended a Yoga class, or watched early morning shows on television. Magiceye captures him in one such pose .....

And he is simply amused  that the bipeds call this Balasana, or child's pose, and say it relaxes them.

I mean, he always thought it was Bozasana .....

The restlessness
of an unforgiving summer,
a recent stay away from home,
the increasing troublesome
pollution in the air
and an onslaught
of terrible visuals and news
that I see on TV
as I lie on the floor
next to Magiceye
on the sofa....

And  I sometimes
just close my eyes,
relax on my stomach
stretching my limbs back
hark back
to my younger days,
when things were
so much cooler
and better.

I do this

It seems
all these biped folks
learn and do this
and call it Balasana ,
or the Child Pose in Yoga.

All I can say
is that we fellows
a little bit
of a child
in our minds.

you will,
without learning,
do it instinctively too,
if you
nurture that innermost child ....