Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bozoical take on Fixing.....

Magiceye posted this photo recently, and so many thought it was Mumbai's blogging dog, Bozo .

Actually it was someone else , clicked by Magiceye, when he attended a Dog Show in Birmingham a month or more ago.

 It is easy to see why folks thought this was Bozo, given the great expression, the sincerity, and the unwavering faith in the almighty,  for which Bozo is known.  

Actually this is Bozo's NRI cousin.

They both follow cricket and are disgusted with what folks have done to the game.  They think and look alike, although there is a fine distinction in their looks.  Like Bozo is our desi Vidya Balan to this cousin's hi fi Aishwarya Rai....

in the face of
stories of so many
who have forgotten
the meanings

game, play, fair,
and honest,
with eyes
full of understanding
for some who were led astray,
and a mind
untrusting of those
he thought were big masters,
he finally
looks up
to the Supreme Umpire
and says,
Forgive the young,
they only emulated
the Big Ones
have been doing all along...."

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  1. Yes, they did and in big scale! But they are roaming freely! They swallowed tax payers' money which affects us directly than this scam.