Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bozoical Highs....

Bozo, Mumbai's blogging dog, is actually technologically greatly enabled besides being philosophically perceptive. He is aware of the technology around him, and participates in the use of some of it. He has watched the London Olympics with Magiceye, and proudly wears the personalized Olympic blue collar with his name on it.

As much as he loves getting his "highs"  he , at all times, has his feet, firmly planted on the ground.

Here he is, clicked by Magiceye,  waiting for the elevator in his building; one of the "highs" he enjoys...

My life
has so many Highs.

There are lows too,
but I have learned to ignore them.

The high
of seeing a
missing childhood face
after many years.

The high
of coming back home
after a month away
with my pals...

The early morning
impatient high,
when someone puts on their shoes
to accompany me out
on our morning walk...

The high
of riding in a four wheeler,
looking into the wind,
Deepak at the wheel,
and the Desert Storm Enfield
stewing in the gaage
in uncontrolled jealousy
because it
cant sit in the car.....

The high
of having a great bath
and wearing
my special gold medal collar
with my name on it,
from the London olympics.

But nothing beats
the high
I get
from stepping
into automatic elevator doors,
and rising up
like magic,
only to step out
and enter the house,
amidst the
crackling kadhipatta and mirchi
tadka sounds
and yummy smells
telling me
that my Upma is ready ..

Yes, I am very traditional that way....

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